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Have you found yourself at a crossroad in your life?

Not sure which way to turn or who to turn to?

Is your usual way of coping no longer working?

Therapy can help you get a clearer understanding of what is going on for you. It can help you widen your perception of what is possible and help you to access the inner resources that can move you towards a fuller and happier life.

The fact that you have found this website means that you have begun a process of change. Whether you are contemplating change or ready to take action, Therapy can help you to transform your life as it has done for many people.

Allow me to be your confident companion on your journey of self-discovery. Change can be scary and sometimes painful but once we face the things that we have been avoiding for such a long time the feeling of freedom is exhilarating and you will wonder why you did not do it sooner.  

I have had the privilege of working with many people that have come to me for a wider range of issues such as Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Confidence, Relationship issues and much more. I specialise in Addictions such as Gambling, Smoking, Binge eating and Weight Loss. I also specialise in Grief and Bereavement.

Whatever you need help with please get in touch! If I can't help you I will work with you to find someone that can. 

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy is a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, NLP and Hypnosis. While focusing on the outcome you want to achieve and inducing a lite daydream state we gain access to your subconscious mind.

During relaxation, your subconscious mind is open and receptive, and your critical mind is relaxed and happy to stay in the background. While in this state I give to your subconscious mind all the positive suggestions you told me you would like to experience in your life.

Your subconscious mind is able to take on these suggestions because it does not have the usual resistance from your critical mind. While in the trance state you are not asleep or unconscious, in fact, you are in a heightened state of awareness and fully in control. You are able to listen and respond to the sound of my voice. 

I will give you an audio relaxation recording for you to listen to between sessions. This will help you to enjoy better quality sleep. Good quality sleep helps to incorporate REM into your sleep pattern.

REM (Rapid Eye Movement) helps us to awaken feeling refreshed and better able to cope with the stresses of day to day living.  Hypnotherapy is not a quick fix. It is a process just like any other therapy and like other therapies results will vary because everyone is unique. Everyone is at a different stage in their personal development and in the process of change.

If you would like to know how hypnotherapy can help you then please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!

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